Do you own property in older neighborhoods? Do you often wonder what you should do with it? Build on it? Sell it? Rent it? Purchase more? Great questions! We have all the answers….


There are great opportunities to turn your real estate investments into much more than what it already is. By re-building a home with Baum & Woolger Homes we can increase the value and equity in your property. Whether you want to flip it, or keep it, we can help you get more!
Baum & Woolger homes has many real estate investors looking to purchase property for us to re-build on. We can even help you get more than market value for your land! Sound too good to be true? Call us today for more information you might be pleasantly surprised!
Very smart choice, let us design you a building that is affordable and will maximize your rental income! Duplex? Triplex? Multi unit housing?
Get in touch with us today so we can help you find the property that best fits your needs!