Fort McMurray Home Builder

Baum and Woolger Homes is an experienced home building company with over 40 years experience in residential construction. With a heavy focus on infills, redevelopments, re- builds and restoration in the Alberta area.

Infill and redevelopment are any new construction on a site that has pre-existing uses. Baum and Woolger homes specialize in exactly that. Whether it’s tearing down an old house for a new and better usage or building something new on your existing lot that you love, infill and redevelopment pose many challenges for those who aren’t experienced in the area. Demolition and removal, service removal and reinstallation, aged grading, aged service connections, new service connections, soil test, contamination to name a few. Our employees, engineers, designers, and trades have extensive knowledge in these areas.

Re-builds and restoration are the processes of getting one’s property back to its original condition. Whether this is some sort of weather/fire damage, asbestos removal, or a total re-build itself. We have tons of experience with many different styles, designs, materials and layouts.

If you’re looking for any of these services, feel free to check out our blueprints on our website. We have many different styles and layouts to choose from. Additionally, if you want to design your home custom to your needs, we can have our designers draft up anything you need. Custom homes, existing blueprints, modified blueprints, your creations just let us know.

Baum and Woolger Homes offers Home building at the most competitive rates, an extraordinary amount of experience and a product that is delivered on time! Our trades have been with us for over ten years, our working relationships and communication lines are top notch. They are reliable, responsible, on time and competitive. We believe we will offer a better product if we hire the right people all the time. We don’t shop around our trades looking for the cheapest/fastest option. Careful consideration is put into every decision.


Our Process:


If you need to find the right piece of property for you, our realtors specialize in the search for the most developable real estate that suits your needs, not just a home, but a price that matches a location you need. All while keeping in mind all the regulations we have to deal with on the development side of the project.
Do you have the land already? Perfect, answer our series of questions to find the optimal building decision to fit your budget and needs.


We are flexible with the needs of our clients, clients lenders, insurance companies, or whatever financial structure you have. We offer in-house financing or can recommend some of the best financial institutions to find what you are looking for.

If you have unique finance requirements or conditions, we are here to help you find a solution. Our contracts are flexible to meet your needs.
Redevelopment can be financially challenging at times; we have the capability and contractual flexibility to get things done.


Choose from our wide variety of blueprints on our website, many different categories for our clients to choose from. Design a custom blueprint, choose an existing one, or alter an existing one. We also have an ongoing relationship with Their website has an endless amount of blueprints for you to check out.


Why should you go with B&W?

We offer one of the best warranties that are available, our membership with progressive home warranty will ensure your home will be taken care of. Besides that, our warranty and commitment to our clients go far beyond what the warranty company requires of us. Our clients feel comfortable to call us anytime with their concerns, only to have their situation rectified immediately. Custom service is our top priority.

We are not a quantity builder; we only take on a number of jobs we know we can handle. This is a common problem with quantity building; the customer service goes down. Our homes are custom to the clients needs and we make sure they get what they want and on time.


List of Services:

  • Home building
  • Permitting
  • Re-zoning
  • Redevelopment
  • Rebuild
  • Restoration (asbestos, contamination in general, weather damage)
  • Demolition
  • Designing
  • Warranty
  • Subdivision
  • Financing