Your Dream Home in an Established Neighbourhood

Duplexes and Semi-Detached Homes in the Heart of Edmonton

Edmonton’s duplex and semi-detached market is growing fast. This is because there is tons of potential here to get anything you want for affordable prices. Whether you are looking to improve your location, downsize your home while staying in something beautiful, or maximize your rental income. These units can satisfy almost anyone.

Side by side (Semi-detached) homes can fit on lots as small as 46’ wide, while front/back (duplexes) can fit on a basic 33’ lot. Some of the most beautiful new homes in Edmonton are Semi’s or Duplexes. Now are we starting to see potential?


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Sample Blueprints

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Semi-Detached Duplex I

Semi-Detached Duplex II

Semi-Detached Duplex III

Semi-Detached Duplex IV

Front to Back Duplex I

Triplex I

The Baldwin

The Bedford Park

The Bellflower

The Briar Creek

The Burbank

The Burlington

The Buxton

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